#9148330, By Rodney Is it just me, or has this generation been going on FOREVER?

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    doctor_fraud wrote:
    Rodney wrote:
    But what do you have to compare to judge whether this generation feels long or not? Do you remember the launch of the ps2? In your living memory, has the PS2 has always existed?

    Genuine question.
    I think the PS2 era did last a while but it had solid games throughout its life cycle. At the end the PS2 was still getting solid games such as Bully, Final Fantasy, God of War 2 whereas all we are getting know is sequel after tiresome sequel like Uncharted, NFS, Assassin's Creed etc.

    I do actually remember the PS2 launch but got the actual console around 2001. Even though its nostalgia I loved my PS2 back then and loved gaming in general. Now I'm bitter and cynical.
    2/3 of your Ps2 examples were sequels. Wasnt Final Fantasy XII on Ps2?
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