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    Dirtbox wrote:
    I'd avoid the AMD junk for all the reasons I've posted numerous times in this and similar threads.
    I haven't posted on the EG forums in bloody ages. I had a quick google for posts by you about AMD, and on the graphics card front you seem very unimpressed by their drivers. I couldn't find anything specifically on AMD vs Intel by you. Do you mind linking to an example?

    If I'm much better off not going with AMD for either GPU or CPU, can somebody suggest an alternative (including motherboard for the latter)?
    I'm more talking about the GPUs, but I've come a cropper before with AMD's CPUs as they don't support virtualisation, which is something I needed at the time and so haven't used them since. Lately having read up on them and looked at other people's problems, I don't in any way trust their manufacturing quality any more either, they're poorly made, inconsistent and cheap for a reason.

    Can you (or anybody else) recommend what NVidia card would be best in the ~130 price band the Radeon R9 270 lives in (give or take a bit if it helps)? The GeForce GTX 660 is about that price and seems to benchmark comparably.

    Regarding CPUs, it looks like I'd have to spend quite a bit more to get an Intel one instead of an AMD one, and as I'm not a huge fan of Intel's business practices (e.g. what got them their massive fine from the EU - for illegally bunging money at retailers and computer builders not to use AMD processors) they'd have to be at least a similar price for me to consider them.
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