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    Graveland wrote:
    The GTX 550 Ti is around 80 on Amazon. Does anyone know if it's any good? I did a theoretical specs check online to see if my system could run DayZ with the aforementioned graphics card, and it said I should be able to run it on High settings. Might beef my RAM up from 3Gb to 8 for around 40, too.
    550 Ti Vs 7770 550Ti is not as good the 7770, as well as being one generation behind.

    If you must go with Nvidia, a GTX 650 is not quite as good as a 7770 and normally around 90. A GTX 650Ti is slightly better than a 7770 normally around 105. Nvidia just aren't price-competitive.

    Increasing RAM will make no difference at all to your gaming performance, should help with multi-tasking though.

    If you can overclock your Q6600 to 3GHz, that would give you a good framerate boost.

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