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    I never post on these forum although I read them most days, however given the subject in hand, I shall regale you all with my story (caution, wall of text follows).

    I went in for a vasectomy nearly three years ago now, all went well on the day and for the first two days after. However on the third day I picked up my youngest and somehow damaged one the clips they had used to seal the cuts.

    My scrotum (on the left side) promptly filled with blood (think around the size of an orange), prompting a trip to doctors.

    Doctor informed me that this was known as a scrotal hematoma and that although they could split the scrotum and drain it the risk of infection was very high the preferred option was to leave it as the blood would be absorbed back into the body and all would be well.

    So plenty of painkillers and 4 weeks off work, unable to do much as after the blood had solidified it was like my left nut was in a vice constantly.

    And then as if to add insult to injury, I picked an infection somewhere along the way and at the end of the fourth week, I woke up and walked into the toilet (as you do), and discovered yet more swelling.

    I called the wife in just in time for her to witness an explosion of yellow pus and what looked like raspberry jam shoot from the incision they made for the operation.

    Ambulance was duly called and three hours in luton a+e and I felt much better, went back to work the following day.

    My wife however will never forget cleaning the bathroom that day, I feel rather proud that I had managed to get the toilet, the bath and three of the four walls.......
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