#9163505, By homelessbaby Next-gen backwards compatibility

  • homelessbaby 19 Nov 2012 01:53:24 27 posts
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    So I had a 360 for like 3 months this year (my only other console this gen has been a PSP) and sold it because I didn't wanna play Tekken with that D-pad.

    Then I started thinking about how much I miss Fez and if/when it'll come to other platforms.

    But if it comes to the PS3, will it play on the PS4? There are a lot of rumours about the bespoke architecture of the PS3 being very unlikely/too expensive to go into a PS4.

    On another note, will the Wii U eventually get all the download-only games the other consoles have, like The Walking Dead or Pac-Man DX?
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