#9166731, By homelessbaby Next-gen backwards compatibility

  • homelessbaby 20 Nov 2012 13:42:43 27 posts
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    @Syrette @bitch_tits_zero_nine @revan8 The only fighting game I play is Tekken. I'm not one for fightsticks, and it's kinda made for the Playstation controller.

    I did enjoy the Xbox controller for Skate, though. And it's a better weight than the Dualshock 3.

    Anyway, this all sounds very dicey. I guess the approach to take would be I can always play digital games on the console I bought them on and backwards-compatibility is a luxury. Still, it'd be cool.

    Also after all of this beating around the bush I might just end up getting a Vita. It would feel weird to spend 200 on a 6-year old console. The Xbox at least was a 125 4gb with no mandatory installs.
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