#9170403, By Forum Awards 2012

  • Deleted user 21 November 2012 17:05:38
    Best Forumite - Kalel head and shoulders above everyone else. Which must be nice for him.

    Funniest Forumite - Deckard beats meme on a coin toss.

    Nicest Forumite - Blerk

    Best Mod - Kalel

    The FooAtari Award - Mowgli: for shitting his pants, giving everyone a huge amount of fun and dealing with the whole situation very well indeed.

    Thread of the Year - Gents Commentary thread. Always first port of call and it saves wading through the mountains off bullshit elsewhere.

    Most Helpful - Dirtbox

    Trolliest Troll - Kalel

    Most Consistently Offensive - Darkmorgado

    The Hot Air Special Award - JinTypeNoir. Maybe there's always a great punchline hidden at the end of his tedious JRPG rambles. I've never managed to get to the end of one to find out.

    Stupiderest Forumite - Christ, where do you start? I'll plump for Darkmorgado.
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