#9214822, By Phattso Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

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    UncleLou wrote:
    The new characters, you have to buy them separately. But then the game itself costs less than half of what the PC version costs, so that's fine by me - especially as I have no interest in the new characters anyhow.
    The PC version costing what it does is pushing the limit of acceptability anyway. It just all rubbed me up the wrong way - they're asking for more money before they've even delivered a proper iPad version. Again, it's not the money per se, just the principle. And Beamdog have mine, so I guess my disappointment doesn't matter a jot to them. :)

    I've played and loved my share of games with ropey interfaces or controls *cough*Too Human*cough* so I have no trouble understanding why the rest of the guys are persevering with this. Maybe it's simply that I'm a mobile dev myself, and to see a team make so many fundamental mistakes on the platform rubs me up the wrong way more than it otherwise might.

    In my mind I'd envisaged the Baldur's Gate that _I_ would've ported to iPad. You guys would have loved it. Not that it would have helped with my sausage fingers on the iPad Mini. :)
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