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    RyanDS wrote:
    Genuine question. Given a small team what would you expect from the iPad version?

    Personally I was expecting what we got, the old game, with a minor UI overhaul, anything more I would have thought would require rewriting, as opposed to overlaying of code?

    Note I know nothing about programming.
    I already listed half a dozen tiny trivial things any competent mobile outfit would've done to make it better. Clearly all Beamdog have done is build an Infinity Engine simulator on mobile (and I don't mean to trivialise that particular achievement). We have to tap a button to enable the drag-box-select mode. It's actually a step back from the PC version, and a big one at that given how much selection and order giving has to be done in the heat of combat.

    @Dirtbox I'm not disagreeing that the original had a largely bobbins interface. But that was 12+ years ago now. It was a different universe in terms of what makes an acceptable UI/UX and what doesn't. There's no excuse, in 2012, for a team to not be able to get that interface working better, even under effective emulation, on the iPad.

    I don't wanna be "that" guy in the thread though. I've said my piece and, barring the suggestions I've made being patched in, I'll not be going back to any of Beamdog's efforts on the iPad again.
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