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    RyanDS wrote:
    How else would you do that though? If you used multitouch to do selection then you would lose out the pinch to zoom function.

    And given the choice personally I would rather have the pinch zoom function to make clicking on things easier.
    Not at all. A pinch to zoom gesture has two fingers going in different directions. A drag gesture has two fingers going in the same direction - it's trivial to distinguish the two and for me would be nice to have even just as an option with the button as a fallback.

    I only know this because I've implemented a feature in an app that did exactly what I'm describing. :)

    As for the previous emulation efforts - getting it running on a tablet with any sort of stability is some distance removed from a desktop environment. There are problems that you can't even imagine.

    /edit: didn't see you mention the bit that had it running already. Wow - if that's true (and the other solution is stable - is it?) then Beamdog are double fuckers. :)

    I applaud the technical accomplishment, but whomever does their UI/UX work (if anyone) should be taken out back and 'retired'. ;)

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