#9177254, By your favourite games of 2012

  • Deleted user 24 November 2012 09:16:22
    Baring in mind that no one has played Far Cry 3.

    Best game: The Walking Dead
    Best visuals: Halo 4
    Best sound: Halo 4
    Best soundtrack: Hotline Miami
    Best gameplay: Dishonoured
    Best multiplayer: MineCraft 360
    Best story: The Walking Dead
    Best character: Handsome Jack
    Best download title: Mine Craft 360 edition
    Best gaming moment: Walking Dead most of it
    Biggest surprise: How much they ruined SSX3 with Autolog and gimmicks!
    Worst game you paid money for: Max Payne 3
    Game you looking forward to most next year: GTAV!!!
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