#9284773, By Ryze Is PS Vita Dying?

  • Ryze 11 Jan 2013 01:20:47 3,652 posts
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    I don't think the Vita's really got started yet. Would have been nice for it to have taken off like a rocket, but that's just not realistic when looking at the feature-set, price and competition.

    I like to look back at the late 80s onwards for comparison, as I don't recall the Mega Drive suddenly taking off upon release. The Altered Beast pack wasn't a sensation. The Sonic pack was, and IIRC, that bundle came along in early 1992.

    The Vita has a tonne of competition, whereas the PS2 only had the Dreamcast, and the Dreamcast didn't have DVD, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, GTA III or Playstation compatibility (until Bleemcast).

    Sony obviously aren't interested in adding Android support. They removed Linux support from the PS3, so I'd not expect them to add any semblance of Android support to the Vita. That'd help somewhat, but It wouldn't help Sony to sell any content at all.

    I think we'll see better over the next year or two, when the PS4 is released. Hopefully there'll be some nice complementary features. Saying that, we all hoped for the same from the PS3, after the PSP came along, and any connectivity features were largely bobbins, really.
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