#9284787, By Ryze Is PS Vita Dying?

  • Ryze 11 Jan 2013 01:35:28 3,652 posts
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    RobTheBuilder wrote:
    Just discussing briefly with the editor of tech for the Guardian on twitter and he wondered if Sony will even make a new Playstation console.
    This reminds me of the stories on here last year, when the Onlive spokesperson person doubted that Sony could afford a new console launch.

    I don't see why they couldn't put a modern spec AMD PC in a box and call it the PS4. Also, they've acquired Gaikai, so they could sell these PS4 games to PS3 owners with adequate Internet connections.

    This is Sony though, and it could be too late for them. We'll see... They're such a huge company - I've no idea how long it'd take them to die, and how easily they can launch new products at this stage. They DID manage to launch the Vita last year, and SURELY they couldn't have expected to have realistically sold more than double what they've sold so far, at that price.
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