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    I hope so, and I'm desperate for them to enable wii games to be played remotely on the gamepad. That really would be a treat! :)

    However, seems like a pipe dream, but i'll take N64 and snes games, which sounds possible (Source IGN)

    "For months, many gamers have wondered if their Wii games, and transferred Virtual Console and WiiWare software, could be played entirely on Wii U's GamePad, much like New Super Mario Bros. U. Today Nintendo has provided that answer, definitively stating its new controller will not offer that functionality.

    Any Wii software - digital or disc-based - must be played on a TV within Wii U's Wii Mode, which is enabled through the system's Day One update. This mode will only operate as Wii did, with that system's controllers and accessories, and nothing else.

    Though providing no further details, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata did mention his company plans to create a Wii U Virtual Console that will feature full GamePad functionality."

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