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    its-LegendOfGamer wrote:
    About 8 hours in i got a bug where the mission wouldnt activate. Tried everything but had to delete the save. Oh well...im up for starting again.
    That sucks, whereabout was it?

    Anyway, I've nearly finished the game, just after collecting the Dee letters, I want to give out some advice for whoever's willing

    When you go to retrieve the panacea, for the love of god, stock up, and stock up good, as you'll get rumbled by many a zombie (inc explody ones) and don't be afraid to use alot of what you've accumulated. I only progressed because I managed to find a roamer (don't remember who) who had a stockpile of shotgun shells which got me through to the safe house (have to go the freaking long way!)

    Still shaking, don't want to finish it!
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