#9230818, By Der_tolle_Emil Gamepad and TV audio out of sync

  • Der_tolle_Emil 16 Dec 2012 13:45:58 7,309 posts
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    My setup is pretty decent when it comes to lag even though the consoles goes through a receiver and then to the TV. I configured both to process as little as possible to keep the delay down but the pad will always be faster - which is pretty impressive.

    Input lag is very, very low for me, I don't notice it at all but my TV is smart enough to show how long it takes to process the image. I did set up audio delay on my receiver as well to match everything up. Currently it takes roughly 35ms for the image and audio to show up (double checked using Rock Band calibration), so in 30fps games about a single frame of delay, which is more than acceptable. Yet with the Wii U pad it seems so much more noticeable than otherwise.

    I really hope a feature like this will be implemented at some point. Turning down the volume on the pad only works for games that output the exact same audio. There is no way to know if you miss anything if you turn down the volume, which is a bit unfortunate.

    Personally I don't think that any home setup will ever match the low delay of the Wii U pad so it's even stranger that this option is missing on the console. Then again there's always the chance of games adjusting accordingly, like Rock Band does, even if the console has no option to sync audio/video for you.
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