#9215459, By regularjoe December 2012 For sale/Swapsies thread

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    I just bought a Vita package which came with Call of Duty Declassified (PSN download voucher). Was planning on putting it up on e-bay this week (I have no interests in FPS's) but happy to trade it for MGS if that makes sense to you.

    Otherwise, more generally, happy to sell it on here for 20 (recent sales of the voucher on E-bay are in the range of 24, recent physical copies have sold on E-bay for 30 and upwards, GAME of course are at an unrealistic GBP 43 for this game). Wll e-mail the code to the buyer.

    I will list it on e-bay on Wednesday (12 Dec.) evening, so grateful for any responses before then.

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