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    For a more serious answer, I'd say you should look at books going into more general concepts like the semantic web (they say Jeffrey Zeldman's "Designing With Web Standards" is a good'un). These days you should really look into general Javascript as well, and dive into one of the excellent frameworks out there (pick one, jQuery is the most popular but there are many others).

    Doing more advanced stuff in Wordpress would mean jumping head first into server side programming as well as DB querying too. Lots to take in, but start with looking at HTML5 + CSS3 and you will be well on your way.

    I've always found w3schools to be too all encompassing. Touches on everything, goes into detail on nothing. Furious Googling and asking around on message boards such as this one is more productive.

    (Edit: the "serious answer" bit is referring to my css nerd joke above, not the other answers in the thread!)

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