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    RobTheBuilder wrote:
    @ecureuil i'd say Nintendo are certainly more innovative than Sony or Microsoft in most regards, but that by no means makes them the only innovators by any stretch.

    Apple on the other hand are classic 2nd to market products. They very rarely innovate, but take other peoples innovations and make them work better or more intuitively.
    You forgot the part where Steve Jobs takes the stage and tells everyone again and again and again how Apple invented this no one's ever seen anything as brilliantly innovative and original before.

    On topic:

    If you buy *insert Nintendo console* instead of a *insert Sony, Microsoft or Pc gaming platform* you are clearly insane. If you only bought a Wii, no Dark Souls, Bayonetta, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim *enter countless excellent multiplatform titles* for you. Hope those two great games you got this gen were worth it.

    If you buy *insert Nintendo console* in addition to *insert etc etc* you're on the right track. But if you do this you're probably not going to spend hours every day arguing about platform superiority.
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