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    kalel wrote:
    Fab4 wrote:
    I love this idea that the internet is 'open'. Have any of you read the 'rules' attached to your ISP contract? And most of those were in place before government started poking their beaks into it.
    So what are you saying? This isn't a worthy cause? That there's no issue here? That it's pointless to protest?

    Have you ever been to a country that really limits your internet access? Are you aware of what's happening in the Arab nations or North Korea? Do you know what is being discussed at the ITU? Are you aware of the role the internet played in the Arab Spring?

    If this is a pointless and worthless cause, I'd be interested to know why you think that is.

    I'd be more worried about the ones that give you unfettered access to the internet and eavesdrop on your traffic, and then come visit you if they find you of interest.

    The point is, that the internet has never been free, open, whatever you want to call it. And while state censorship is difficult to swallow, having Google as your champion against it smacks of hypocrisy, as they were quite happy to go along with when it suited them.
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