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    I've seen all the stuff and i have few stuff to say about it:
    NBA2K13 being the sports game of the year is completely understandable, i'm actually a FIFA player, never played NBA2K locally, but from what i've seen it's by far the best gameplay and presentation that any sports game has ever been able to achieve, music, teams, movements, INB4 games cut-scenes... all of it is just greatly done, even if FIFA did make a leap in this year's game, but it's far from being the excellent job that 2K has put into their excellent basketball game despite of the fact that running a closed stadium with only 10 players on the pitch is actually easier and lighter on console rather than a huge stadium with 60.000 spectators (even if they're lowly polygoned) and high detailed 22 players along with more complicated runs and with/without the ball positioning... i think we'll have to see what next-gen brings up to give enough horse power to both games to unleash their full potential. ;-)

    Need For Speed Most Wanted being the racing game of the year is a total joke, i've laughed so hard when i've seen it, it was maybe chosen for its pop-corn style action with cops running behind and stuff and not being exclusive to one console (who the f***ing cares ?), but it's far from being the experience delivered by the open landscapes, fairly customisable and well open and beautiful style of roads that Forza Horizon features... i have a feeling that while the developpers' efforts on this game were so huge and didn't simply pay off even though we weren't dissapointed in any special way, NFS MW just surprisingly and without so much pain got it...

    Also i'm not agreeing with the fact that Dawnguard is being the DLC of the year, the scarlett thing on Borderlands 2 and the Omega DLC in Mass Effect 3 were actually far more intresting for me, there wasn't too many good DLCs this year (like if nobody cares...) but i don't think that Dawnguard is the best DLC anyone was able to put up this year.

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