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    More Lego GTA, and yes the humour continues throughout so far for me at least. I picked it up in sainsburys as well so maybe just some stores not selling Wii U stuff?

    I have to say this is the first game I've played on my Wii U that very clearly couldn't run on my ps3. World is massive, vibrant, draw distance is great and I honestly think it looks fantastic. Frame rate is 30FPS I'd say 95% on the time, only now and again dipping slightly. There is zero tearing so I assume Vsync is forced on which explains the dips in FPS (shame no option to disable as per other games, though I do hate tearing so....). Nothing that even remotely affects gameplay though. And texture quality is very good on almost all surfaces. I have a new telly that is making everything look amazing, but this on particular, at times the cars look as if they about to drive straight out of the TV. So again, aliasing not really an issue for what is only a 720P game, sharp being the word. I think there may be a little MLAA of some form as at times there are no visible jaggies when the scene is still.

    Gamepad use is also very well integrated, again the first game where I understand why it had to be on Wii U, functionality wise.

    And loading times are fine. Only loads when you start a mission or go indoors. The entire open map is seamless without loading.

    Most importantly, fun fun fun, and funny! :D

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