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    The policy stated by OP is perfectly sensible, but I’m not completely sure I agree with the overriding attitude that it’s entirely the parents’ problem. Yes… it is… but…

    The reality is that in a modern family both parents work and little Timmy has been going on about Call of Brutal Murder because all his friends have had it for weeks and now they’re calling him a gaylord at school because he hasn’t got it yet. And yes… it says 18 on the front but I’ve got three back to back nightshifts, so I can’t really play the damn thing first and JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST OK HERE IT IS YOU LITTLE SHIT. LEAVE ME ALONE.

    In summary; the labelling needs to be improved and retailers should be required to explain what they are selling if it’s obvious it’s going to be passed to the eager grasping hands of the child next to the adult the second they walk out of the shop. But, first and foremost, the labelling has to be really clear to make it super easy for dumbasses.

    In my own experience, I watched Aliens etc when I was wee young but I had relatives around to explain the context or – simply – I modelled my reactions based on their own. You CAN blame the parents for generally not spending enough time and providing that context with kids, but that’s a general criticism of modern life more than anything.
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