#9205680, By Kangoo The nostalgic "Arcades in the 1990's" thread.

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    I loved the period in the early 90's where Sega could do no wrong, Virtua Cop was imense back then, 8 player Daytona still stands out as my favourite MP game of all time and my battles with my bother on any Sega Rally machine we saw.
    Can remember being in a bowling alley and some arogant idiot was telling some girls how great he was at most games. They asked what about that one pointing at us playing Sega Rally and he said it was rubbish as it didn't handle properly and was too hard. Their reply of 'well they don't look like they are having any trouble' was classic and he quickly diverted them away.

    Also remember spending tons on Ninja Gaiden, pretty sure there were some impossible jumps that just ate lives until you got reset across the gap.
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