#9212550, By senso-ji Nurse who fell for the prank call from an Australian DJ has committed suicide.

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    mowgli wrote:
    CosmicFuzz wrote:
    I have to disagree to those saying the radio djs caused her death. That's completely ludicrous. A reasonable person wouldn't have killed themselves after being a victim of that prank. Her decision to kill herself broke the chain of causation. Was it a stupid prank? Yes. Were they jerks etc? Maybe. But even if so, they still didn't cause her death. She caused it.
    This people. It was a shit prank, a slightly dangerous prank but they cannot and should not be held responsible.
    Actually, they can. The prank call wasn't live, it was pre recorded and check over and edited to maximise the 'hilarity'. The radio station and presenters also boasted about it after it was broadcast, and repeatedly played the clip during trails between songs. They were clearly proud of what they did up to the tragic events of yesterday, and now all of a sudden it was 'just a prank'.

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