#9225250, By yegon Nurse who fell for the prank call from an Australian DJ has committed suicide.

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    kinky_mong wrote:
    The Mail have removed this top comment from the article on the nurse's suicide. Self regulation at it's finest.
    Tsk, no surprise.

    I hate the Mail with a passion, but about a year ago I registered to make a single comment. They had an article about someone performing their role in the same industry as myself, the railway. The guard didn't let this asian guy in a wheelchair on the train for some specific reasons*. The article completely fabricated the events, taking as gospel the video the asian guy took with his mobile of the guard ignoring him. The whole thing was sold as a race story, full of inaccuracies (the guard was in fact a "driver", and there were lots of other "drivers" (platform staff) ignoring him too). Funny, in the 10 minutes prior to the wheelchair guy taking the video, he'd been advised multiple times by two members of staff of the situation, and had subsequently verbally abused them as he wasn't getting his way. CCTV proved it, yet the guard was vilified in the press. Company later issued an apology and compensation to guard. Still waiting for the correction in the Mail....

    I posted this (and the * stuff below), it survived about 10 minutes, got quoted by some numpty Mail readers.....then got completely erased, along with all the re-quotes. Hmm.

    -low platform at destination, beyond the abilities of a wheelchair ramp. He'd been advised a train 20 minutes later was capable of taking him, the unit sat lower at the platform.
    -he had a child on his lap which he refused to release. H&S rules, whether you agree or not, mean an unsecured kid can't be pushed up/down a wheelchair ramp on someones lap.

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