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    Just another I absolutely love the game so far. It's a triumph. The level of balance in this is phenomenal and the out the box lack of bugs is pretty unique in the modern days of day one massive patches and then fixing once they've fleeced the pre-orders.

    The changes are never going to please everyone, but by and large I think they've done a very good job of marrying Demons and Darks. Certainly no mutated inbred offspring.

    Decided to check some guides for areas I've already done. Turns out I'd completely missed Huntsmans Copse and Harvest Valley!

    Still rocking my Greatsword up to +8 now and just not sure which armour combos to use. Penal mask seems good, but I must find a way to wear Vengarls helm for it's pure awesomeness. Think the Drangelic set is probably still the best I've got for looks although I've grown very fond of my Falconers set that I'd upgrade in the early parts of the game. For it's weight it has some pretty good stats I think (I really have no idea in this game as I'm avoiding nearly all guides, love it!).
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