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    Every element is so finely balanced I don't know what they could change without losing something.

    The difficulty makes you fear restarting, which makes exploration slower and more thrilling. Plus the fact the game tells you nothing but vague hints. You're thankful for help, and it builds a community, but it's offset by the threat of invasion so you don't rely on help. The open world and lack of a map keeps you in the moment and in the character's shoes as much as possible. And outside of the game mechanics, there's a story/lore reason for everything, for invaders, phantoms, bonfires, the incredible world and use of 3D space. There's no exposition and everyone talks like you would expect them to. Everything just ties together and keeps you involved.

    I thought I wanted the ability to coop with friends, but then that would just align it with every other action RPG out there and take away the whole thrill of achievement. It's early days but the comments from the Edge article and hiring a director from Monster Hunter makes it seem like they want to turn it into the next big online RPG, like Diablo/Borderlands. Hopefully it would increase sales in time for Miyazaki to reveal the proper next-gen Souls game he's secretly working on...
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