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    And, conversely, all this talk of the game being more accessible makes me more excited for it \o/

    Let's maybe have some NPCs that survive the entire game!
    Let's get rid of that pointless run to the boss from the bonfire which serves no purpose other than to annoy! More incentive to experiment and improve for bosses (much like Trials HD, straight back into the action) and not run to a Wiki because you can't be bothered to commute to the boss again
    Let's get rid of barrier-less arenas for large bosses unless they sort out the camera facing the sky when they're nearby!
    Let's make the lock-on work over long distances), you cheating centipede cunt!
    Let's make it stay locked on!
    Let's explain concepts like poise and stability!
    Let's not have two person bosses that virtually necessitate summoning!
    Let's allow players to reassign skill points rather than spending hours on wikis working out what's best or even more hours creating a new character!
    Let's show the full weapon upgrade path so I know if a weapon is going to end up scaling S, A or stay at C and not waste my once-a-game items!
    Let's explain what covenants actually do!
    Let's get rid of the concept of illusory walls or at least mark them out as different in some way!
    Let's not have any invisible paths!

    This game I would love.
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