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    Dangerous_Dan wrote:
    Let's make the lock-on work over long distances), you cheating centipede cunt!
    - So you can shoot your bow without manual aiming and take out enemies via magic from a great distance? Would be convenient, wouldn't it? - No thanks!

    Let's make it stay locked on!
    - Nope.

    Hehe you sure like your games to be convenient, am I right?
    Well I never used a bow in a boss fight so that might explain my anger on this one. I just got seriously pissed off with bosses going out of range, losing the lock on (and not realising this has happened)and then running the wrong way rather than backing off and getting hit.

    And I highlighted the centipede as being particularly bad as he would sit out of lock on range and just punch you and because you're not locked on you can't strafe.

    Convenient? Possibly yes but I really enjoyed the difficulty and the fighting mechanics. I think an RPG Trials HD is what I'm after. It can continue being bleak and desolate though, I'm fine with that for the most part.

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