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    I reckon there's a very small chance this could be next gen - especially if some of the rumours surrounding it's development are true. The post by mcmothercruncher a few pages back had a few nudges towards that possibility (I've picked out the relevant parts):

    mcmothercruncher wrote:
    Some details I stole from a forum who stole them from the Edge magazine preview:

    - Edge says they were shown a 10 minute playthrough of Dark Souls 2, and it is a huge step forward graphically. It looks on par with Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313 in terms of "next-gen"-ness, or so they claim.

    - Development started in September last year, and was done in parallel with some of the Dark Souls patches and DLC content.

    - The game is 25% complete, and the team is substantially larger than Dark Souls. The world creation internal staff for the sequel is nearly double that of the first game.

    - The game might not make it for 2013.
    Just imagine if Dark Souls 2 was a next gen launch title... That would be one awesome introduction to a new gen! Better still, in order to include everybody, a current gen version coupled with a better frame rate/better textures & graphics next gen version too, mmmm lovely :p

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