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    Loved the torch idea, a very natural way to handle that play mechanic as opposed to, you know, A GIANT GLOWING MAGGOT.

    I guess it could feel much like Dark Souls environment-wise, but it's one of those things that we're going to need to be actually in game for to decide, huh? Both because I won't want to watch too much footage before release in order to maximise the scares and also because there's all of those twisted and absorbing little details you need to feel first hand. Like the siren singing to soothe the tortured victims in the Tower Of Latria, deliciously twisted.

    The D-Pad looks like it has been improved, with the little extra blocks underneath each side- is that to indicate what other weapons you've got cued up? Nice touch if so.

    Didn't like the character walking animation- looked like he's got explosive diorrhea and he's desperately trying to clench in order to avoid another accident. Given the task at hand, maybe he has.

    Also, HATE, HATE, HAAAAAATE the blue lock on circles, that'll really break the immersion for me personally, hope you can turn it off as with Demon's...
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