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    Hi everyone, stumbled across some new footage of this from E3 via IGN[sorry!].

    The footage shows off some of the classes that will be playable in DS2. There appears to be a new, dedicated 'Dual Swordsman' class this time round, please correct me if I'm wrong on that though as I haven't played DS in a loooong while!

    I'm pretty sure I've said this previously in this thread, but DS2 is looking really nice, both graphically and artistically. I just hope From port this over to next-gen though so we can at least have a silky smooth frame-rate, especially if they plan on implementing any type of Blighttown area this time! Perhaps they could throw in some even more crisp textures too just to enhance it further and sweeten the deal as well as making use of the hopefully improved online infrastructures of PS4/XB1.

    Anyway, new footage below - it's surely enough to make quadfather break out in cold sweats :p

    Classes shown:
    -Warrior Knight
    -Temple Knight
    -Dual Swordsman
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