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    Had a feeling you'd enjoy that vid, I'm glad everyone else did too, even if it was just a tantalising snippet of gameplay! Shame we can't just all flip our calenders to March 2014 right now... only about 9ish-months left to wait till release :cry:

    Anyway, regarding the classes shown, I have to say that whilst I don't normally lean toward magic classes in most RPG's I play, that Sorcerer looked like it's all kinds of funky! I also really liked the look of the new Dual Swordsman class too, as it's bound to up the tension a fair bit if your main focus is to not have a shield throughout the game but instead be all about the pure offence! After all, offence can sometimes be the best defence... until you get properly mullered that is :p!

    Those enemies that the Temple Knight was facing off against looked fun, all swirly death kicks and slashes - though ultimately sure to end up as fodder for experienced players!
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