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    I like the new system. There will always be offline for those who don't want to get invaded. That reduced health system gives you a reason to collect humanity, or whatever they'll call it, and use it carefully.

    There were so many things in Dark Souls which weren't thought out much at all. Take the stat Resistance or the lightning shield upgrade path, or the elemental weapons pre-DLC-patch - they were way too powerful. Some of the catalyst made no sense whatsoever, only having drawbacks no matter what your intelligence was at.

    I hope they take more care this time, like in Demon's, to balance the different styles and aspects of the game. So you'll have a chance against early invaders. They were able to do a better balance in Demon's and this one looks, at least style but also game-mechanic wise like a mix between Demon's and Dark Souls.

    I'm confident about the sequel by now.

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