#9213334, By dancingrob Got to be worth a go for a fiver?

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    you'd be surprised Lexx. Have a look through the comments threads on decent games like Vanquish / Dishonored and there'll be a significant minority of fuckwits saying 'Only 6 hours, what a waste!' and other such rubbish, seemingly loving overpadded crap more than a tightly written well paced game.

    For my point of view, I rarely buy stuff on release, as I know games are usually 15 after 6 months - 1 year, and I've no real 'need' to play stuff the minute it comes out. As such, I can then pick and choose the decent stuff, as I'm prepared to wait.

    In general terms, as a working 30 something, I'm in a position where the limit on my gaming is time, rather than cash in any case.
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