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    Downloaded the patch last night, and had three games in a row with disconnections - something I'd not experienced before.

    It was particularly annoying in the third game, where for the first time ever I'd managed to draw first blood after a particularly nifty root, boost and smash thingy.

    Playing with randoms wasn't as much fun as with real people - especially when they don't have a sense for when is the right time to run away, and when is the right time to press the advantage. I'm sure I'm still getting used to it, but having put in the work to isolate and almost murder Gandalf, it was disconcerting that when one more blow would have killed him, and my powers are spent, the ally who was near enough to him to finish him off turned away and went to capture a shrine! Nooooo!

    I did have a great deal of fun as Eowyn, being all healer-y and shield-y and stuff. It plays to my strengths as a support player - I really haven't found the rhythm enough to string together successful Guardian kills - I think I go in too early with Roots and Stuns, I should wait until they turn to run before holding them up.
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