#9214782, By Kami RIP Sir Patrick Moore

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    MrTomFTW wrote:
    I knew this would happen. Its presence pleases me.

    As for his personal views - most of the mans generation had some pretty messed up views of the world. Heck, my grandparents on both sides were guilty as anyone of this. But the mans achievements, personal presenting style, enthusiasm, experience and knowledge made him a popular fixture for all of us, of all genders, of all races and creeds and religions. There were very few occasions when his personal views came to the fore. But its his right to hold those views.

    Hopefully he won't be remembered for his own personal failings (we all have them) and will instead be remembered for all the good he did, all the joy he brought and the knowledge he imparted to the world. Always a consummate gentleman. Old-fashioned yes. But that was part of the appeal, surely?

    It jut isn't going to be the same without him. The Sky At Night was Sir Patrick Moore for me. It will be hard to imagine anyone filling those shoes... I imagine many lesser people are fleeing in terror at the very thought of trying them on...
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