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    I don't think dreams would be very nice to record and watch.

    They'd be truncated, jumbled-up fragments, and they'd be missing two crucial ingredients that make dreams seem coherent:
    1) your direct involvement at the time (there's more to dreams than images - raw emotions play a huge role, as do our other senses)
    2) your conscious mind filters and organizes dreams after the fact, imposing some kind of order on them which wasn't necessarily there to begin with.

    Dreaming could, in part, be described as your subconscious taking a dump. You take in an enormous quantity of information during the day. Mostly it goes under your radar, but your subconscious eats it all up. When you snooze, it squeezes out that processed mindwaste like an overnight curry.

    Aside from weirdness and confusion, I'm not sure what we could glean from an unedited dream on a screen. I'd sure as hell like to try though.

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