#600011, By oopseh [EG] vs [GF5] - CS:S Friendly clan match

  • oopseh 20 Jan 2005 22:14:28 29 posts
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    Yeah as Med says Good Game Guys.

    Sorry about the server issues pre match- that was my fault - someone killed the update process on the server as I was doing and I lost some sounds that killed the server on Wednesday.

    It was all sorted befoere hand ans I got it as follows:

    GF5 won as Ts
    GF5 won as CTs


    GF5 won as Ts
    EG won as Ts

    Sorry about the quick end as we had people who had to shoot off!!

    If you are bored hanve around in #gf5 on quakenet - and play with us at

    Really enjoyed the game - It was GF5s first time as team again for about 2 years!!!! And we had Binky on our team!!

    NN and WP

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