#9223473, By drivenstorm 3 Mobile's upgrade offers last Monday 3/12/12 were rather generous

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    I recently got fed up with my Wildfire and logged into 3 to see what upgrades were on offer.

    I saw the Galaxy Note 2 on various contracts, cheapest around 15 but went for 18 as it had zero upfront cost, i got 500mins/5000 texts/unlimited data.

    Turns out this was an error on the site. The true cost according to their confirmation letter was 38.


    After a 30 minute phone call they say they will honour the deal! At last I have something over these morons!

    And I actually thought it was just an ok deal for a long-term customer who was upgrading.

    I couldn't see myself spending 38 per month on a phone but this makes me feel rather good :)

    Anyone else hear about this glitch and take advantage?

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