#9225777, By macmurphy Straw poll - Deal or No Deal shit

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    Yeah, agreed with everyone else. Your expected value is 50k (and half a penny)if you take the punt and gamble. If you were a millionaire you shouldn't take an offer of anything less.

    Your offer entirely depends on your financial situation. If you are on the bones of your arse you might take as little as five grand if it means your house is about to be repossessed.

    Linked to this is your character, some people just couldn't give up the chance to gamble for 100k and would rather take the punt and lose it all than risk the chance of finding you had the 100k box but took 20k.

    In my flusher days I would have said not a penny under 35k but right now about 15k would be a sweet spot. I am massively brassic though.
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