#9234698, By Gartt Annoying Movie Cliches

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    Salaman wrote:
    Maybe less of cliché but but the way technology always just works annoys me. Whether it's breaking in and finding a super sensitive file containing information that can be the undoing of a huge powerful opponent on a radom computer or just using their own private PC/laptop/whatnot for any task.
    It's always just "here the file" or "I'm sending you the info" or just walking up and plugging in somewhere.

    Never any compatibility, file format not recognised or other issues. Granted it's not interesting to have your protagonist faffing with their computer for ages but someone under time pressure getting anything done from any device within seconds. Meh.
    The way all you have to do to steal super secret data is plug a usb stick into a computer and the rest is done for you, not even having to press anything or actually find the files, it also automatically puts the screen into an annoyingly slow progress bar.
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