#9235896, By Anyone want a cat/kitten?

  • Deleted user 18 December 2012 19:21:17
    quadfather wrote:
    Well, spoke to the wife, and we're going to have to get a litter tray and keep it in a room in the house while we've got it. Nothing much else for it really.

    Then take it to the vets and check for a chip and see if the owner turns up.

    Don't think it's a stray - there's no collar, but she has a very good coat

    There's a kind of 3 way mexican stand off with the other 2 looking at it from different areas in the house. Except that the new cat is still fast asleep, bless it
    "The new cat", eh? You're clearly keeping it! I'd definitely keep a cat if I found one, but I live in another country to my two nowadays.
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