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    DFawkes wrote:
    I think Darkness is fantastic! I have to admit first time I played the demo I hated it, but I gave it another go and loved it.

    It's all about the atmosphere. The gameworld is absolutely spot on, filled with just the right amount of characters to keep it from feeling empty yet still a part of the quiet, dark underbelly of the city. I especially loved the hub, with lots of nice easter eggs, side-quests and NPCs to discover.

    More than anything else, it's about The Darkness. That's what pushes the story along, and the thing that makes it more fun to play. The powers are tons of fun, be it throwing cars at people, sneaking up behind them and eating their heads, or summoning a black hole to show the Super-collider who is boss ;)

    Yes, there are a couple of sections that go on a bit, and the focus on using The Darkness means gunplay is secondary, but it's certainly not a bad game by any stretch given the prices you can get it for now.
    I disagree, found the game far too empty. Powers were too fiddly, and you spend far too long shooting out lights.

    But the ultimate problem, from which no amount of positive features could redeem it, is the lack of a run button. A game with lots of huge empty spaces, backtracking, getting lost etc. and there is NO RUN BUTTON.
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