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    Thanks to this website, we saw newcomers in the game. Thank you for that.

    Stalker Online Game embodied several genres.

    - Role-playing game
    - Tactical shooter
    - Action-adventure
    - Massively multiplayer online game

    Play style choose yourself.
    You can hunt mutants. You can participate in wars between clans. Search for artifacts and a great adventure. Explore the area and have new experiences. You are only limited by the gaming area.
    The game has few game areas. You can move between them.
    - Tutorial map - size of this map (0,5 * 0,5 km) - (starting area has an exit to Lubech City)
    - sub-map Lubech City - size of this map (1 * 1,5 km) an isolated part Lubech Forest maps
    - Lubech Forest map - size of this map (4 * 4 km.)

    - Vesuvius - size of this map (2,5 * 2,5 km.)
    - sub-map Volcano - size of this map (0,5 * 0,5 km.) an isolated part Vesuvius maps
    - New Land - size of this map (1,5 * 1,5 km.)
    - Tunguska - size of this map (2 * 2 km.)

    Before the New Year - the developers plan to bring into play two new maps.

    Size of the new gaming areas (10 * 2 km) and (20 * 20 km)

    You will have to survive in a hostile world. do it alone or in a group - choose your own.
    This game has captivated the minds of players in Russia and the former Soviet Union

    Mutants, dangerous anomalies and treasures await you.
    [link url=http://europe.forum.stalker-online.so/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=4453&start=0&lng=en[/link]
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