#9243603, By Skirlasvoud How playable is "Dark Souls: Prepare to die" without an x360 controller?

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    Nearing the holidays, I've begun to consider buying the PC version of Dark Souls and finally find out what all the hubbub is about.

    Browsing over the Steam page however, the distributor strongly recommends me also getting an Xbox360 controller. That makes me hesitate again. Dark Souls... let's give it a go. Xbox360 controller, no thanks.

    So how badly does the PC Dark Souls need an Xbox360 controller?
    I've played Supermeatboy on the ol' keyboard and mouse and despite McMillen's constant in-game taunts about the superiority of a Gamepad, I beat his creation and had a blast doing it. This just leads me to think that gamepads are just for people with a lack of hand-eye coordination, or Americans with sausage fingers bigger than the "Enter" key.

    I've played on the original XBOX and to the best of my memory, there's nothing the thumbsticks do, that can't be handled by WASD and the finesse of the mouse combined.

    If I'm wrong, are there any patches that will make the game fall in line with keyboard and mouse?

    What are your recomendations?

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