#9249903, By dsmx Decision Time: 3DS or Vita?

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    Yes it does because your implying in the post that ports are a negative thing which in this case it isn't they are incredibly good and capable ports that are for the most part just as good as the home console versions with the benefits of being able to play them anywhere and being able to put the vita to sleep so you can carry on in the exact place you left off losing only minimal battery power.

    Stop bad mouthing a console you don't actually own, the vita is a fantastic bit of kit that has brilliant games on it yes it has the odd duff one but what console doesn't?

    If you want to think that vita doesn't have anything worth playing on it that carry on thinking that meanwhile I'll carry on playing strangers wrath at work, or how about the brilliant version of most wanted? The very good version of uncharted, how about the sublime rayman? Or even lumines? The list of incredibly fun and enjoyable games on the vita isn't short it's actually very long.
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