#9245628, By Phishfood Nintendo's greatest controller innovation?

  • Phishfood 22 Dec 2012 23:05:53 53 posts
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    Motion control. All those other things would have been done by someone eventually but I don't think anyone else would have risked motion control if Nintendo had not done it first.

    I also think it radically changed the way Microsoft handled the 360. Before it was just this machine for gamers but after seeing Nintendo's numbers and how it could bring in the casual gamers they made the Kinect. Now the 360 is this new entertainment hub with a magic device that can understand your voice and recognise your gestures. Its what people thought the future of television would be. Microsoft are now selling ads and movies on there and the entertainment hub aspect is something I expect to come with their next console.

    Motion control changed everything for good and bad. According to most "core" gamers though its all bad.
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