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  • Deleted user 27 December 2012 03:55:22
    darkmorgado wrote:
    rumblesushi wrote:
    darkmorgado wrote:l
    Tablets and mobile phones do actually have some genuinely fucking amazing games.

    They are also excellent for people who like board and card games but don't have similarly-minded mates.
    M:tg, Ascension, Fluxx, Eldar Sign, 7 wonders, Catan, League of Evil, Penny Arcade card game, numerous ports of DS games especially Ghost Trick for next to nothing, Ticket to Ride, loads of Point and Click stone-cold classics like Broken Sword: Director's cut and Flight of the Amazon Queen, Food Fight, Hexagon, Beat Sneak Bandit, the ChuChuRocket dreamcast port, Nightfall...

    If you're a strategy/Board game/card game fan, iOS is a fucking goldmine.

    WP has its share of gems too.

    Can't speak for Android unfortunately.
    Cheers I'll look those up. I love my Note 2 and iPad, but I haven't played any games on either that I've enjoyed anywhere near as much as console games or even DS games actually.
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